Thursday, December 18, 2008

San Diego Trip

Jared had to present a paper at a conference in San Diego the first week of December. We thought it would be fun if Nelson and I tagged along. It was our first time taking him on a trip and I was a bit nervous (poor shut-in child!). He loved taking off in the airplane....

...but was pretty bored the rest of the flight...thank goodness for ipods!!!

We went to the San Diego Zoo..which is much cooler than Salt Lake's Hogle Zoo! Nelson loved seeing all the animals, especially the sea lion show (we sat on the front row and could practially touch all the exotic animals!) and Jared even let me take a picture of him as a Giraffe....he is much more attractive as a human!

Jared took Nelson swimming in the hotel pool. It was his first time in a pool, and as usual, he showed no fear of the water!

I took Nelson to Sea World while Jared was attending his conference and unfortunately the camera died after taking this picture. It is the only one so you will have to imagine us feeding the sea lions and petting the starfish! Overall it was a great trip!


garybeckyandkids said...

How much fun! I would love to go to San Diego right now, it is freezing here!

Tamy Wilson said...

I want to go to Sea World. Jealous! Love the airplane picture too cute.